The Value of a Domain Mentioned on The Daily Show (

Domain good for over 1,200 clicks. Details below:

On Thursday, April 8th, The Daily Show mentioned a domain: It was not registered. As any red-blooded American would, I dropped everything I was doing (not much) and, to my surprise, was able to snag it.

Via a ( link in order to use's public analytics, it was forwarded to my Twitter Profile. You can still view the on-going statics.

The episode reruns 5 times total, Friday at 1:30am, 10am, 2pm & 7pm, and Monday at 10am (Eastern). From the traffic patterns it is clear that people do watch The Daily Show Live. After the 2:00pm rerun, the domain had received a modest 341 visits, with a clear spike at the 2:15 mention:

The biggest spike was at the 7pm rerun:

The site received 571 hits by 7:20pm Friday. In the next 20 minutes, the site would only receive another 7 hits. As Friday night rolled on past the last spike, the site maintained a steady 35 hits per hour, ending Friday with 738 hits. was good for 258 clicks on Saturday, even though the episode did not rerun that day. Sunday, with also no rereuns, the site received a steady rate of roughly 12 clicks per hour (151 total).

So far Monday as of this 10:30am post, the site has received 47 more clicks, with a modest traffic increase of 6 clicks between 10:15-10:30.

In total has received 1,203 clicks.

The domain also yielded 11 new followers on Twitter. Far and away, the most conversions came from the tweet:

"Follow me for stats on, posted after final rerun of Thursdays' Daily Show, #dailyshow" .

6 out of the 11 started while that "call to action" post was up, even though it was up only 6 hours (2:08pm - 7:57pm).

Maybe a reader can suggest a future use for While we're at it, any suggestions for the Colbert-inspired Other questions? Leave a comment or send me a message. Or help me achieve my goal of getting more followers than @vitamuffin and follow me on Twitter.

A note to aspiring domain snatchers: remember that because was not registered at airtime, it is impossible to determine the initial traffic spike. An earlier mention of William & Mary in the same episode was enough to temporarily bring down their website.


  1. The steady influx of hits would most likely be explained by we viewers coming from the webcasts. I fired my cable company and have barely missed Charter. Sux to be a day behind most of the other viewers of TDS but saving $65+ a month and streaming and pausing and watching whenever I want almost anything I want for cheaper is fine with me.

  2. You could sell the chess set, or other related stuff.

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